Personalized Resume‘s Made With Your Future In Mind.

Here are the numbers. Approximately 80% of positions are never advertised and approximately 5% of job seekers have access to these job opportunities.

Approximately 20% of positions are advertised and around 95% of job seekers attempt to obtain a job from advertised positions along with hundreds doing the same thing without success.

The Resume Service product has been extensively developed since 1992 using tried and proven principles evolving it into its current status, which as a professional document has little competition, to help you gain the right job, quicker.

In Person Consultation

Resume Service is operated and run by Keith Rolston since 1992. All Perth clients will go through a personal consultation with you at your home or residence over 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours. If located overseas or outside of Perth consultations will be done over the phone and email.

Always updated

Your resume is maintained in our database and updated as necessary so is always current for as long as required. The minimum update package consists of five resumes and the USB for $200 (plus postage and handling) and additional resumes are $10 each.

Professionally Printed

Your resume is completed in professional laser print and thermal binding with recommendation to attach a passport sized photo of yourself on the front cover. Ensuring that your resume makes the absolute best first impression.

The Seven Key Steps To Successful Job Hunting

All of our clients are given a copy of The Seven Key Steps To Successful Job Hunting. This manual is the culmination of years of research and sets out how to prepare for interviews and the strategy to follow during interviews to ensure success of positions offered to you rather than ‘competing’ with hundreds of ‘applicants’ for advertised positions

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