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Do The Math…..

You’ll soon realise that all the hard work that you’ve put into applying for jobs.

Sending unprofessional resumes without success, getting you nowhere.

The constant disappointment of being rejected

Is not entirely your fault.

You’re just looking in the wrong place.

Founded by Keith Rolston and operating since 1992, Resume Service has grown and improved to dominate the Resume industry with world class strategies and techniques that will get you the job you want.

It’s no joke when Resume Service is referred to as the Harvey Norman of Resume Companies.

In seeking to develop ‘World Class’ resumes it was recognised in early developmental stages the format needed to fulfil the information requirements of employers.

Various employers from a range of business sectors were invited to comment and contribute to the initial development.

The final product is a Resume Service document that is highly targeted to exactly what employers need to know and presented in a professional resume.


I Want To Land My Dream Job!

Here Are The Facts.

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    A resume conveys a clear picture of the applicant to the potential employer.

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    A resume must be approached on the basis of value and worth, not its cost.

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    A resume must be targeted at its recipients: employment agencies and potential employers.

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    All occupations require a resume regardless of the profession – from manual workers through to senior executives.

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    A resume must not be approached on the basis that “it has to be done”, but on the basis that you want it done, to present yourself and your abilities in the best possible method.

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    A resume is not a few pages giving the vital statistics of your employment history. It is a comprehensive and professional document, requiring careful consideration and due attention.

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    A resume must look professional, be informative and authoritative about who you are and why you are the best candidate for the position and it must be concise and clear in its layout.

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    It Pays!

    An acceptable professional resume never costs – it pays!

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    Equally important to the composition and compilation of the resume is an understanding of how to use it correctly.

It is because of these facts that ‘Secretarial Services’, unprofessional resume writers or doing it yourself is NOT recommended.

If you are serious about finding employment worthy of your abilities. Resume preparation and client counselling is a profession and if not prepared and used as directed, will not result in the success required.

At Resume Service, your resume is compiled in personal consultation with you in your home or residence over a period of 1 1/2 to 2 hours or over phone and email outside of WA and is then completed in professional laser print and thermal binding with recommendation to place a passport size photo on the front cover.

Equally important as the production of the resume, is the advice and counselling on how to use the resume, avoiding advertised positions as the main course of action. This advice is part of the service, clearly placing you where approximately 80% of positions are never advertised in the hands of approximately 5% of people seeking employment – regardless of profession.

You are then offered our product “The Seven Key Steps To Successful Job Hunting “. This manual is the culmination of years of research and sets out how to prepare for interviews and the strategy to follow during interviews and meetings to ensure success and selection of positions offered to you rather than “competing” with hundreds of “applicants” for advertised positions. After one person is successful in their application for a position, hundreds are unsuccessful and so continue with an unprofessional “resume” applying for positions that never materialise. These candidates are the 95% seeking a position from 20% of advertised jobs, rather than becoming one of only 5% having 80% of positions to select from that are never advertised.

Your resume is also maintained on our database and updated as required, so your resume is at all times current and available to you for as long as is required for only $200.00 (plus gst and postage) that includes 5 resumes and a USB for ongoing and future use.

A Resume Service Final Product:

  • Acknowledges that the holder, normally the potential employer, will, within a short period of time (usually 15 to 30 seconds), make a decision whether or not to read the resume.
  • Caters for the many and varied personal prejudices that the reader could have towards such things as importance of skills, experience and attitudes, etc. by presenting them in a readily readable format.
  • Is designed to be initially perused quickly to identify highlights and then to be read in detail after interest levels have been triggered.

The Resume Service product range offers the client optional additional aids to gaining employment in the form of sample covering letters, tips and examples of questions at interview, among many others.

Contact us for the preparation of your professional resume in Australia or Worldwide and Keith Rolston will contact you to prepare your resume and recommend how to use it and handle interviews to win the career you deserve.

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